how to create strong passwords
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    End the pain of remembering and using passwords forever


(I reserve the right to remove this free guide anytime without notice)

How to use passphrases and password management systems
Chris Bennetts Security Consultant

Hi I’m Christopher Bennetts and I have been an IT professional for more than 20 years. I have managed national help desks, and developed and implemented security policies.

So I understand more than most the importance of having secure passwords, but like most people I struggled to remember strong passwords, and used the same weak password for multiple sites.

Then all my accounts got hacked, and this quickly became one of worst experiences of my entire life. Not only was this highly embarrassing, but it was also very costly both in financial terms, and the hours and hours I had to put in to repair the damage.

To avoid this ever happening again, I knew I had to start practicing what I preached by using strong unique passwords for all my accounts. I researched all the password solutions out there, and none alone offered the easy way to create and remember super strong passwords I needed to use for all my accounts.

So I developed my own.

Today all my accounts are secure. I have very strong and unique passwords on each of them, and the best part is I do not have to struggle to remember dozens of passwords. I can easily access all my accounts wherever I am, on my tablet, smart phone…

I created this super strong passwords made easy system to educate my clients on the need to use strong passwords, and provide them an easy to use system, but I kept thinking everyone needs this. So I decided to make this system freely available to everyone.

If would like to try my system at no charge, click the link below that says Super Strong Passwords Made Easy to watch my free video and learn how you can also easily create super strong unique passwords for all your accounts.

Christopher Bennetts
The Virtual Webmaster
July 2016

How to use passphrases and password management systems

(I reserve the right to remove this free guide anytime without notice)