Nov 24

Best Password Manager

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Forgetting a password is one of the nightmares we all have from time to time and too often the nightmare is not a dream, it is a waking reality. Most passwords have to be very cryptic for them to be really secure from hackers, yet it’s that very cryptic construction that makes it hard to be memorized. How do you recall #BhG79)k2li when you need it, maybe many months after creating it? We use our email every day so it is easy to remember the password for that account, but what of other accounts where we rarely need to enter our password? The one time we need to remember it, all we can recall is that it was a dozen characters long and had numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters! So you click ‘Forgot Password’ and are prompted to enter a security question you have no idea of any more. You set it months ago! This is precisely why you need a password manager you can trust. A password manager that won’t let you down!

RoboForm is the one password manager you can trust to keep your passwords safe. It’s a password management software program that can fill your logging information in on any websites that are either already on the RoboForm software or just any other website you’re always logged in to. It’s also available in present platforms like Firefox thru toolbars, Chrome thru plugins, and the iOS and Android platforms for mobile password management. For this flexibility and functionality, RoboForm is one of the best password managers out there, and it has been used by so many people it is one of the most highly regarded  password management software programs on websites like, PC Advisor and PC World.

Like all quality software solutions there is a RoboForm Free Trial and everyone is encouraged to give it a try. Once you enjoy the safety and security of having your passwords not only managed for you but actually complex enough to beat the best hackers in the world, you will be hooked on RoboForm!